Because the most inspiring life stories have not been told, yet.

Because the most inspiring life stories have not been told, yet.

We recognize incredible women from the wine industry.

We are a digital magazine; a place to debate and divulge different topics related to technology, investigation, business, actuality and lifestyle, and any other events.

It all began in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, when I was a little girl; hand in hand with my mother and my grandmother who had became a widow and carried on her farm on her own. She taught me to admire the land, the seasons, the vineyards; we accompany the times of harvest, working and waiting.

It was from there that I learned it, I took the strength to walk through, to study, and to perfect it.

I understood how essential women are in the world of wine, how they sustain, advance and create a better world.

It is time to be recognized, to share ourselves and to continue.

This brought me here today. It is time to keep moving foward, to walk together this passionated path of women of wine world

María Eugenia Sewell
/ Winemaker and Sommelier, investigator of worlds.

We are writing stories that have never seen the light of day before. We talk to women around the world who are a moonshot. We research, debate and publish, from scientific articles to lifestyle.

Very soon you will see it all.

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